Verizon Wireless XV6800 Manual

Verizon Wireless XV6800 ManualWelcome to Verizon Wireless XV6800 Manual Introduction T-Mobile Services and Applications Voice/Phone Voicemail E-mail Messaging services T-Mobile® myFavesSM T-Mobile HotSpot T-Mobile Address Book International Service Activating Service Getting Started Getting to Know your Phone and Its Accessories Inserting the SIM Card Installing a microSD Card Charging the Battery Turning On the Phone The Home Screen Shortcuts Bar Programs On Your Phone Using the Start Menu Using the Quick List Entering Information Input modes The 20-key QWERTY keyboard Multipress mode XT9 mode Numeric mode Battery Information Shortcut Key Status Indicators Using Phone Features Using the Phone The Phone screen Set ring tones Making a Call Make a call from the Home screen Make a call from Contacts Make a call from Call History Make a call from Speed Dial Make a call from SIM Manager Receiving a Voice Call In-Call Options Additional Dialing Information Make an emergency call Make an international call Insert a pause or long pause in a dialing sequence.

Synchronizing Information with Your Computer About Synchronization Ways to synchronize Setting Up Windows Mobile® Device Center on Windows Vista Set up synchronization in Windows Mobile Device Center Setting Up ActiveSync® on Windows XP Install ActiveSync Set up synchronization in ActiveSync Synchronizing With Your Computer Start and stop synchronization Change which information is synchronized Troubleshoot sync connection problems Synchronizing via Bluetooth Synchronizing Music and Video Managing your Phone Personalizing Your Phone Set up the Home screen Set date, time, language, and other regional options Choose how to be notified about events or actions Set personal information Set performance and maintenance options Adding and Removing Programs Using Task Manager and Managing Memory Managing and Backing Up Files Copy files using Windows Mobile Device Center/ActiveSync to the PC Use File Explorer Protecting Your Phone Restarting Your Phone Resetting Your Phone Windows Update Organizing Phone Information Contacts Create a contact on your phone Edit and call a contact Find a contact Share contact information SIM Manager T-Mobile® myFavesSM T-Mobile myFavesSM on the Home screen Add myFaves contacts Call a myFaves contact Edit a myFaves contact Calendar Create a personal appointment View your appointments Send appointments Tasks T-Mobile Address Book Voice Recorder Voice Notes.

Exchanging Messages Messaging Text Messages Compose and send text messages Receive text messages Picture Messages Create and send Picture Messages View, reply to and block Picture Messages Using Instant Messaging AIM® ICQ® Yahoo!® Set Up E-Mail Using E-mail Create and reply to e-mails Filter the Inbox message list View and reply to e-mails Send and download e-mails Customize e-mail settings Using Keyboard Shortcuts Working with Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments Synchronizing Your Phone with the Exchange Server Set up an Exchange Server connection from your phone Set up an Exchange Server connection from your PC Start synchronization Working with Company E-mails Automatic synchronization through Direct Push Scheduled synchronization Instant download through Fetch Mail Search for e-mails on the Exchange Server Flag your messages Out-of-office auto-reply View a document linked to an e-mail message Managing Meeting Requests Finding Contacts in the Company Directory E-mail Security Encrypt and sign messages Set permissions on an e-mail message.

Getting Connected Comm Manager Ways of Connecting to the Internet Wi-Fi Connect to T-Mobile HotSpot Connect to other wireless networks GPRS/EDGE Dial-up and Others Internet Explorer® Mobile Browse the Web Using Your Phone as a Modem (Internet Sharing) Bluetooth Bluetooth modes Bluetooth partnership Connect a Bluetooth hands-free or stereo headset Beam information using Bluetooth Print files via Bluetooth Windows Live Set up Windows Live The Windows Live interface Windows Live Messenger Launch the messenger and sign in Add Windows Live contacts Send instant messages Personalize the messenger Windows Live Search . Experiencing Multimedia Camera Take a photo or capture a video clip Capture modes Camera mode icons and indicators Quick Settings Menu Use zooming Quick Send The Review screen Camera Capture and Advanced Settings Pictures & Videos Copy pictures, animated GIFs and video clips View media files Pictures & Videos menu Send photos to your Windows Live Space Windows Media® Player Mobile About the controls About the screens and menus About licenses and protected files Synchronize video and audio files Play media Playlists Troubleshooting Java Applications Install and run MIDlets/MIDlet suite Manage MIDlets/MIDlet suite. Using Other Applications Microsoft® Office Mobile Microsoft® Office Word Mobile View documents Edit and send documents Microsoft® Office Excel® Mobile View worksheets Edit and send worksheets Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® Mobile Microsoft® Office OneNote® Mobile Adobe® Reader® LE Speed Dial Voice Command Appendix Specifications Regulatory Notices.

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